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Richest Cricketer  in the World

US$30 Million (INR 221 Crores).

Shane Watson

Yuvraj Singh

US$35 Millions (INR 258 Crores).

Virender Sehwag

US$40 Million (INR 295 Crore).

Jacques Kallis

US$70 Million (INR 532 Crore).

Shane Warne

US$50 Millions (INR 365 Crore).

Brian Lara

$60 Million (INR 415 crore).

Ricky Ponting

$70 Million (INR 515 crore).

Virat Kohli

$112 Million (INR 852 crore).

MS Dhoni

$113 Million (INR 860 crore).

Sachin Tendulkar

$170 Million (INR 1250 crore

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